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From $100

In-Home Private Training

About this service

Whether your dog has troubles in the house, at the park, or socialising with other animals, my services cover the A to Z of dog ownership. I will teach you how communicate with your dog but also build and maintain a balanced relationship with your furry friend. In home based dog training, I work in harmony with the entire family.

Prices :
Consultation : $100*
1.5 hours First lesson : $200*
1 hour On going lessons : $130*

*Prices are based on location and dog's behavioural issues. You will need to add an extra $50 for locations between 15km and 25km. Over 25km: between $80-$100.

What does in-home private training lesson cover?


Misbehaving dog

Destructive behaviour


Separation anxiety

Jumping up on people

Pulling on the lead



by treating the cause of the issue, I can assure long term results.

I also provide a lifelong support. Anywhere and anytime, if you need a quick refresher or have some questions regarding the techniques we discussed during our private lessons, I will be there for you via phone or email.

To quickly book a consultation, please fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible:

Online Consultation

Online consultation is a great opportunity to touch based on what you have learnt through our group classes and/or private lessons.

Group Lessons

A group lesson is the perfect way to cement your new dog training foundations, bond with your best friend and share your experience with others.

Boarding Training

Your dog's behavioural issues can't be resolved at home and need the intervention of a professional dog trainer. Boarding Training is your best option.

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