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Group Lessons

About this service

Spend time with your best friend learning some new obedience training tips and socialise with other dog lovers in a group lesson. Group lessons are held in various locations around the Brisbane region. Check out my calendar or Facebook page to know where my next available group lesson will be located.

Group Dog Training Sessions 5 Levels available

​Level 1 : Introduction to dog training & dog's behaviour.

​Level 2 : Distractions and environment.

​Level 3 : Play and engagement.

​Level 4 : Socialisation with dogs and people.

​Level 5 : Recall.

Basic commands as Sit, Stand, Down and Stay will be covered through the levels.

LVL 1 is compulsory to have access to the following ones (except for regular clients who have had private lessons). Once the LVL1 passed, other levels will be accessible in any order as many time as needed, including advance obedience training.

Advance Obedience Training 3 Levels available




Advance obedience training is open to dog owners who have had some previous basic obedience training and understand the importance of communicating with their dog.
You will learn the Heeling, Spin, Touch, Turn around, Retrieve etc. but also some agility games. The goal is to create a group of people who are willing to train their dog regularly and organise a little competition between us at the end of the year.
If you are willing to do some official trials outside the classes, I will be able to guide you through the training (Obedience trial, Rally O).

Conditions required:
Basic obedience training (sit, stay, down) and the "Yes word".
Social and calm dog
Doesn't pull on lead (at least being controllable)
Food or Toy driven (if your dog isn't driven by food, there is a technique to help you with this issue)

If your dog doesn't have any basic obedience training or you are not sure if you are eligible or not, please contact me.
I want everyone to enjoy the lessons and participate, not put on the sideline because of their dog's behavioural issues. Whilst some clients might be in the process of retraining their reactive/aggressive dog, it's more pleasant for them if everyone respects each other space and learning progress.

If you have special needs or any issues with your dog which can't be dealt with at the group session, I will organise a private lesson.
Please bring a chair, some water, a crate if your furry friend needs one and treats/toys.
Flat collars, martingale collars, sliding leads, prong collars or any other collars are accepted. No harnesses. No retractable leads.

Payment must be made via bank transfer prior the lesson and will not be refundable if cancelled less than 48h prior the lesson.

Cancellation policy: If you would like to cancel your session or rebook, please contact me. If the weather isn't on our side, I will postpone the session or process a refund.

In-Home Private Training

If your dog has some behavioural issues that can't be addressed in group classes, check out our private lessons to teach your dog some social manners.

Boarding Training

You are struggling in group lessons and would like some help regarding retraining your dog? Don't run out of patience and quickly book your dog in for boarding training.

Online Consultation

Online consultation is a great opportunity to touch based on what you have learnt through our group classes and/or private lessons.