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From $1200

Boarding Training

About this service

Boarding training is conducted at my facilities. It is a great option for moderate to severe behavioural issues. It is also beneficial if you don't have the time and patience to follow the retraining process at home. Boarding training is a quicker and more effective way to reach your goal but once your dog returns home, you will still have to follow the new rules and follow up with training to learn all the techniques and to make sure your dog doesn't regress.
Training is about consistency and persistency.

During boarding training, I will cover:
*Crate training
*Lead walking
*Off lead training
*Resource guarding
*Lack of socialisation (people/dog)
and much more.


Two Weeks Turbo Boarding Training $2800 ($1400/week)
I will focus on socialisation/obedience/basic manners/recal/lead walking.
Basic training is recommended to be qualify for the 2 weeks turbo training. I will focus on socialistation, obedience and/or reactivity.
1.5 hours/day training 6 days/week including 4 hours/week public outing.
1.5 hour hand over lesson included.
Daily updates on your dog's improvements.
Overnight boarding included; owner provides food.

Three Weeks Intense Boarding Training $3600 ($1200/week)
No previous training required. This option is best for moderate to severe behavioural issues (Reactivity, aggression, anxiety, resource guarding etc.). Also, puppy training. The longer the boarding training, the better results you will get.
Socialisation, reactivity, aggression, recall, off lead training, resource guarding etc.
1 hour/day training 6 days/week including 3 hours/week public outing.
3 hours hand over lessons included.
Daily updates on your dog's improvements.
Overnight boarding included; owner provides food.

Extra week no matter the package chosen: $1000/week.

To quickly book a consultation, please fill out this form and I will get back to you as soon as possible:

Note: Your dog will be exercised daily with no exceptions. Exercise consists of 30mn walk/run/play in the morning at the local park. I take advantage to work on recall, walk on lead, play ball, socialisation etc.
30mn treadmill/walk in the afternoon. During the day, I will work on the other issues as public outing, obedience, manners etc. Each dog sleeps in a crate/kennel. No dogs over 10 kilos are allowed inside the house unless required for the training. An extra fee will be charges in that case. If your dog is friendly and not an escape artist, he/she will be allowed to be free in the yard once settled in but always under supervision.

Online Consultation

If your dog has some behavioural issues that can't be addressed in group classes, check out our private lessons to teach your dog some social manners.

Group Lessons

You are struggling in group lessons and would like some help regarding retraining your dog? Don't run out of patience and quickly book your dog in for boarding training.

In-Home Private Training

Online consultation is a great opportunity to touch based on what you have learnt through our group classes and/or private lessons.

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