From $500

Boarding Training

About this service

Boarding training is a great option for the ones with behavioural issues that need a little bit of extra time to learn the foundations. Stress free for the owners.
Some dogs with severe behavioural issues need more work and patience to be rehabilitated correctly. They will need to be trained intensively in different environment with different stimulus. Two to three days lessons with the owners will be included to learn how to handle their dog and follow up with the training.
You will be provided with daily photos and videos updates on your dog's improvements.
I will provide beds and food unless your pooch needs a special diet.


Consultation : $80

Basic obedience training with no to minors behavioural issues : $500

Basic obedience training with minor to average behavioural issues : $600

Basic obedience training with severe behavioural issues : $700

Two weeks minimum for booking. The time needed to rehabilitate your dog will depend on multiple factors :
The severity of his behavioural issues,
His age,
His breed,
How long he has been demonstrated this behaviour issue and also
How receptive is your dog to the rehabilitation program.
Some dogs need just a few days to get used to his new environment and start bonding with his trainer, others will need more than just a few days.

What I will be working on during his stay with me :

Basic obedience commands
Walking on a loose leash
Recall around distractions
Behaviour around other dogs
Behaviour around food
Nervousness/Separation anxiety
Aggression behaviour
Destructive behaviour
Fearful behaviour

In-Home Private Training

Private Training Lesson is highly recommended to follow up with the Boarding Training.

Group Lessons

A group lesson is the perfect way to cement your new dog training foundations, bond with your best friend and share your experience with others.

Online Consultation

Online consultation is great opportunity to check up on your dog's rehabilitation from home.