"Exercise Discipline Affection"

"Leadership Direction Protection Love"

"Trust Respect Affection"

"Honesty Integrity Loyalty"

"Cesar Millan."


These are the keys to create a good relationship with your dog. 

All of my training techniques are applied with the focus being; to create an environment where by the dog wants to respect the handlers commands. I use balance training, a combination of positive reinforcement and punishment. It is a common misconception that punishment is harmful to the dogs welfare, however it is one of the most crucial techniques to modify extreme behavioural issues.  


     Comparable to wolves, dogs naturally have a very structured lifestyle and behave based on a pack mentality. A dog demonstrates behaviour based on it's pack status, dominant (leader), middle of the pack and back of the pack. Each individual has its own place in that social order.

Without a leader, the pack is confused, unstable and conflicting. As the pack leader you will need to put in place rules, boundaries and limitations for your dog. They are looking for constant guidance and need to know what you expect from them to keep a stable relationship. People who fail to be a leader and don’t understand a domestic dog mindset will put the dog in a position where the dog is uncomfortable. It will create anxious and fearful aggressive behaviour. It is crucial for handlers to recreate an environment in which best suits the pack status of the dog. For all of these reasons above it is recommended to contact an experienced dog trainer to provide adequate training.