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In-Home Private Training
  • How long a lesson goes for ?


For your first Private lesson it will go up tp 1.5 hours. The following lessons will be up to 1 hour.

  • What will be covered in the first lesson ?

The first lesson will be at your home. I would prefer to see your dog behaving in his own environment. You will learn about dog's behaviour and how to communicate with your dog. You will also discover a few tips and tricks to teach your dog Respect. Based on the issues you mentioned during the assessment ( pulling on lead, separation anxiety, fearful/dominance aggression, excessive barking etc.), we will work on bringing a structure into your home and teach you the first steps to start retraining your dog with confidence.

  • What will be covered during the following lessons ?

The following lessons will be about the other issues you might have with your dog that we couldn't cover at our first lessons. It's also a follow up to make sure you are still on the right path for your dog's rehabilitation.

  • What do I need to do before my first lesson with you ?

I like working with dogs when they are a little bit hungry. It makes it easier to train them with food. If you feed your dog in the morning, I will ask you, please to do not feed your dog prior the lesson. Your dog should be fitted with a collar ( martingale collar, flat collar, prong collar accepted ) and a normal lead. No harnesses and/or stretching leads. Covered footwear.

Online Consultations

  • What is an online consultation?

An online consultation can be a first meet and greet or a lesson. Consultations go for 25mn and a lesson 45mn via Skype or FaceTime. I will ask you to give me information regarding your dog's behaviour issues and your everyday life. A training plan will be proposed.

  • What is an online training?

An online training is a lesson. It will go for up to 45mn. It's also a good way to follow up from previous training lessons.

Group Lessons

  • Where do you do your group lessons?

Group lessons are held in different location around the Brisbane Region. Please check my event page to know where my next lesson will be located and which level it will be.

  • Do you do Obedience Training during your lessons?

Yes Obedience Training is part of my group lessons. Mainly, my group lessons are about teaching the owners how to train their dog correctly for when they will be on their own. 

Boarding Training

  • How long my dog will stay with you ?

The minimum stay is 2 weeks. The length stay will depend on your dog's issues but also the training plan we have chosen for your dog.. Every dog learn at a different pace. Training includes a lot of repetitions of the same exercise until it's learnt by the dog. I would ask you please be patient with your dog. It takes approximatively 3 weeks for a new behaviour to be learnt but it will also depend on the time you will be able to give to your dog once his rehabilitation at my place will be over.

  • What do I need to bring ?

Just your dog's bed and favorite toy. All dogs will sleeping in crates or in the kennel. Food is included in the first option "turbo intensive training" but not for the basic boarding training. I feed my dogs Ivory Coat Grain Free with some raw beef mince.

  • How many lessons to I need to do with you before I pick up my dog?

An hour extensive handover and handler training is included which means: you will be able to come and learn how to handle your dog after his 2 weeks boarding training. If you have chosen the second option, an hour booster session will be included and scheduled 2 weeks after completion, which means: we will catch up in 2 weeks time to see how you and your dog are progressing. Any other follow up lessons are not included.

Online Consultations
Group Lessons
Boarding Training
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