I have always shared my life with animals, especially dogs and horses. I was a jockey and full time horse trainer in Guadeloupe and France for 12 years.

















I entered the world of Dog Training in 2014 when I rescued my first Belgian Shepherd Malinois named Simka. I worked as an apprentice in a Dog Training and Pet Boarding facility in Guadeloupe for one year while racing and training horses.



















My Background

Life wasn't easy in Guadeloupe, I received a job opportunity in France in 2015 as an assistant horse trainer. I decided to live over there for one year, completing a course in dog training before flying to Australia in 2016. I started a Pet Boarding and Dog Training business in 2017 in Melbourne. My partner and I decided to move to Brisbane in 2018 where we are both finally established in our profession.

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